What I learned on the way to 1,000 followers

A year ago, in December 2014, I realized I had around 500 Twitter followers. At that point, I made an arbitrary goal to amass 1,000 followers by December of 2015. This goal wasn’t motivated by vanity, but rather a desire to be more connected to members of the #edtech community. So over the past year, I sought out connections. I participated in chats. I shared my thoughts and my resources and I asked questions. Then, last week, I got this notification on my phone:


I did it. I got to 1,000 followers. But the biggest thing I learned along the way was that my number of followers didn’t matter at all. What matters instead is the number of accounts I am following. That’s my learning community. Those are the people who are sharing their thoughts and resources with me. Those are the people that I count on every day to teach me something new. While I’m humbled that 1,000 people consider my thoughts worthy of learning from, that number isn’t nearly as important as I thought it was a year ago.

Now to set some goals for 2016…

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