Goals for 2016

Here it is. I’m putting my professional goals out for the world to see. If I do that, I’ll have to accomplish them, right?

Goal #1: Finish my master’s degree. I started working toward my master’s degree in January of 2014 and I should finish by the end of this year. The degree will be a Masters in Educational Leadership with a focus on School Technology Leadership. So, I’m studying what I already do, but I’m learning with each class and each assignment how to do it better.

Goal #2: Become a Google Certified Trainer. Google has several levels of certification, but the one that most interests me is the trainer certification. I started my professional life providing technical training for adults and I still love it and want to get better at it.

Goal #3: Blog more often. Ideally, I’d like to post something short once a week. This is the scariest one of all, but I’m convinced it’s important. It’s possible no one will ever read my posts, but writing them gives me time to reflect on my learning.

Goal #4: Present at another conference. Together with two amazing colleagues, I presented a session at the LACUE conference in New Orleans last month. We shared our experience teaching professional social media use to upper school students. We got some great feedback and we’re ready to take the show on the road. We’ll be applying to a few other conferences this year and we hope at least one of them invites us to speak!

There it is. Now it’s time to get to work.


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