2016 Accomplishments and 2017 Goals

At the beginning of 2016, I put my professional goals for the year in writing on this blog. Knowing that they were published kept me focused throughout the year and, I’m proud to say, I mostly met my goals! Now it’s time for new ones.

A year ago, I said I’d like to:
1. Finish my Master’s degree – Done! I now have an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, with a certificate in School Technology Leadership.

2. Become a Google Certified Trainer – I haven’t quite met this goal, but I did become a Level 2 Google Certified Educator. This was prerequisite for the Trainer certification that I hope to finish this year!

3. Blog more often – Ok, I didn’t make much progress at all toward this goal. This one goes back on the list for 2017.

4. Present at another conference – Done! I was fortunate to present two different sessions at the Harpeth Hall STEM Think Tank in June of 2016!

My new goals for 2017 are:
Goal #1: Become a Google Certified Trainer. I’m pretty close to this one, so I hope to knock it out early in the year.

Goal #2: Become a Google Certified Administrator. This certification is for Google IT Administrators, so not many Google Education Trainers can say they also have it. I’ll be proud to say I do.

Goal #3: Blog more often. No, really. It’s important to reflect on our own learning, even if no one ever reads the reflections.

Goal #4: Present at another conference. I’ve applied to present with some colleagues at the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools conference this summer and I hope to hear from them soon.

Goal #5: Visit other schools more often. I’d like to see how other schools tackle some of the challenges I’m facing, and what they see as a vision for the future. While being in an independent school offers freedom from conformity, it can also be isolating. Perhaps I just miss being in graduate school and having my ideas challenged all the time!

Ok, I’ve got some new (and some old) goals. It’s time to get to work!




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